Sperm are People Too

by duncanr

By an 8-4 vote, the council for Delaware’s largest city passed a resolution on Tuesday calling on the Delaware legislature and the US Congress to pass ‘personhood’ rights to eggs and sperm.

Each ‘egg person’ and each ‘sperm person’ should be deemed equal in the eyes of the government and be subject to the same laws and regulations as any other dependent minor and be protected against abuse, neglect or abandonment by the parent or guardian,” says the resolution. “[L]aws should be enacted by all legislative bodies in the United States to promote equal representation, and should potentially include laws in defense of ‘personhood,’ forbidding every man from destroying his semen.

This resolution is similar to an amendment (later withdrawn) to a ‘personhood’ bill in Oklahoma that proposed . . .

“any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s . . . vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child

Following the logic of these propositions through would mean every ‘wanker’ would be guilty of a crime against an unborn child

One has to assume that the proposers and supporters of these propositions are having a laugh – seeking to make a point, provoke a debate ?

The alternative view – that they are actually serious here – invites the conclusion that they are a bunch of wankers themselves since the ultimate logic of their own position is that all women who give a guy a blow job are accessories to the ‘murder’ of sperm ‘people’

Source – http://tinyurl.com/7k2vnwf


15 Comments to “Sperm are People Too”

  1. I am a serial killer. Six million this morning, alone.

    Oh . . . and another six million later tonight, if I’m in the right mood.


  2. But on the other hand (sorry Ratty, I wasn’t talking about your murder weapon of choice), there’s this rather bizarre philosophical point of view.

    If the lot in Delaware are taking the piss, then they’re mere amateurs in the art when compared to the Aussies.


  3. What a perfect excuse to repost this:


  4. Sperm and eggs are people? *ACHOO* …Sorry I’m allergic to BULLSHIT.


  5. Where does it end? Next thing breakfast will be illegal if it’s bacon and eggs


  6. I thought this was a joke. The one where life begins at erection?
    Is there no end to the idiocy of politicians?


  7. Which issue is that…?


  8. at a stroke, the population of Wilmington, Delaware increased from 70,851 to well over 100,000,000,000 !


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