Wagga Wagga Cut Off

by duncanr

Following torrential rain, the Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales is at it’s highest level in 159 years – leading to wide spread flooding in the area.


Almost 13,000 people have been evacuated as homes have been inundated with flood water and farmers have been moving livestock to higher ground.

Hhmmm, sod the livestock – what about the grapes?

New South Wales is Australia’s 2nd largest wine producing region. Guess I better start stocking up before Tesco hikes the price of Aussie wine !

8 Responses to “Wagga Wagga Cut Off”

  1. You know, it really grips my shit when I read about things like this.

    It’s not rocket science. It rains, and because we people are at the top of the world, we get it all.

    In fact, we get so much that it starts to run down the edges of the planet, where it finally collects at the bottom (Australia) causing floods and things and destroying grapes, before forming a great big drip and dropping off into (under) outer space.

    What the Ossies should to do is get together with its neighbouring countries and build a firking great gutter that would circumsize the bottom half of the globe and collect all the water before it flooded them.

    I mean, I’m sure the technology is there. And the cost could soon be recuperated by them pumping it up to us when we have a drought (as we invariably do two weeks after it’s been pissing down.)

    This way everyone’s happy, gets lots of water when they want it and Tesco keeps its wine prices low.

    Christ, do I have to think of every fucking thing?


  2. Nah, Mate! We’re using an alternative technology. After a couple more years of burning our coal, the whole place should get warm enough to evaporate the rain before it hits the ground. Problem solved, no worries.


  3. Have you seen what the spiders of Wagga are doing? Building webs all over the place and it looks like snow. I wish I could get to Wagga to see this phenomenon. Go into nimemsn and it’s there. I can’t copy the link for some reason but it’s unbelievable.


  4. … and OMG … I have itchies in every possible place imaginable … if there is ONE thing I hate it’s something that has more legs than me – spiders on top of the list – I’m not going to sleep tonight after looking at that ….. aaaarggghhhhbloodyaaaaarggghhh



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