Cameron Fucks the Disabled

by duncanr

“Remploy” – a Government owned and subsidised company was set up after the end of the Second World War to provide safe and secure employment for the less able-bodied in the UK

Now David “Call me Dave Cunt” Cameron’s Coalition Government has announced that several Remploy factories are to be closed – making over 1,700 disabled workers redundant –

It is hard enough for able-bodied who want to do so to find work in the current economic climate. It will be next to impossible for the disabled remploy workers thrown out of work by this Coalition Government to do so.

Work is more than a means to earn money. It is a source of pride, a sense of . . .being part of and a contributor to society, it offers companionship and social support. All these will now be denied to those remploy workers thrown out of work by this government

Is this an example of Dave Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ vision – abandon any government role in caring for and protecting the vulnerable in our society and leave it to someone else to do instead?

The decision to take their jobs from these disabled people has been justified on economic grounds – the factories where they worked were losing money

Funny, isn’t it that money can be plucked out of thin air to fund military action against Gaddafi in Libya. That money can be found for foreign aid to countries like India who don’t want or need it. Yet we can’t afford to spend far less money to continue subsidising Remploy?

I know where I’d rather my taxes were spent!

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5 Comments to “Cameron Fucks the Disabled”

  1. I heard this on the news earlier tonight, and was royally disgusted.

    These evil bastards in government really do not deserve the respect of anybody.

    One of our friends works at the Remploy factory in Oldham. I don’t know whether Michael stands to lose his job, but I do know that if he does, he’ll be gutted. Money to run his car allows him to pursue his hobbies and a relatively simple lifestyle that he loves and needs.

    The tories have sunk lower than I ever thought possible with this one.


    • I’ve been trying to write this post for a while, nobbly, but kept finding myself veering towards an epic rant full of sweary words.

      [The post that appears here is a much shorter (and less foul-mouthed) version of my original draft post]


  2. Is there still time to cancel the obscene opening and closing ceremonies at the olympics, and divert the £millions to supporting Remploy?


  3. My job is caring for mentally and physically disabled people. I could rant for hours about the hypocrisy.
    The assholes funding these programs get a raise every year.
    The residents where I work are being fed on $3 per day and the total budget was cut again this year.
    Total fucking disgrace. Lawmakers should be made to live there temporarily before they set the budget.


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