Brainwashing the gullible

by NobblySan

Right! Listen up you lot.

We’ve had orders from head office, and are passing it on to you. We expect you to comply without giving the matter any individual thought. Your obedience is obligatory. Remember, purgatory awaits those considering free thought or disobedience .

Oh… and please give generously as you pass the offertory box on your way out.

Never mind… only one more game to go for Wales!


19 Comments to “Brainwashing the gullible”

  1. I think the RC church is entitled to lobby against the legalisation of gay marriages if it believes it conflicts with their teaching. I hope, however, that Cameron doesn’t waver in his support for gay marriage because of the opposition of the RC Church.

    The institution of marriage does not ‘belong’ to the RC church. The number of couples who choose to get married in church by a RC priest I would guess is a tiny percentage of all couples in the UK who get married in a year.

    If the majority opinion amongst UK voters is in favour of legalising gay marriage, then the government should introduce legislation to do so – with a proviso that individual priests may (without penalty) opt out of performing any such ceremony if it conflicts with their belief system

    P.S. – C’mon Wales !!!


  2. It is obviously within the rights and interests of any given church to brainwash lobby their members on issues such as this.

    One of my many long-standing objections to organised religion (as opposed to personal belief) is that they are so bloody autocratic. It is always, ‘this is the way it is…’ rather than ‘what do you think…’.

    OK; I realise that this is the whole point of organised religion – to push the (carefully filtered) word of some imaginary deity or other onto the masses in order to keep them in line and suitably subjugated, but the hierarchy are deluding themselves into thinking that they can impose millennia old values onto a modern world.

    Go with the flow, you thick self-serving bastards. You’ll be more respected and accepted for it.

    I’ll shut up now; there are others who can express this far better than I can.


  3. Gardez la fois, mes enfants.


  4. There was a kind of hour-long round table debate about this on Aussie TV not so long ago. There was only one sensible suggestion. About half way through, one chap said “Well, why don’t we let each belief system define their own rules for ‘marriage’? “. i.e. There was, I grant, a pause. It was just sufficient pause to allow the thought to cleanly exit the vacant space in all the expert assembled heads, then condense to a rather large elephantine form in the middle of the room. Then all took up their cudgels again and continued pummelling each other as before.


  5. Oy! Oy! Oy!



  6. Hmm – I reckon it would have to happen within a particular time period, for it to be a valid jinx.


  7. This WP thing is really pissing me off…


    • Whether or not you get stuck in moderation depends on the email address that you enter when commenting. If it’s one that’s already been approved then you’re straight in…if not, then it’s the sin bin for you.

      Open a WP account, then you can avoid all the shag’n’hassle.


      • I have, but it’s got a bit complicated.

        It wouldn’t let me post as stickybud, so Duncan suggested I log in using a different email – didn’t matter if it doesn’t exist. Once he had moderated it, then I could go to WP and register that email. The trouble is, it told me that it was sending me an email, in order to activate it.

        So then I opened another email address at talktalk, and registered it with WP. Even though I have added stickybud and my gravatar, the gravatar still doesn’t come up!


  8. Just trying something. I was logged on with my original email. Now I have changed it to my new one, and it seems to have worked! Doh…


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