Eurovision Song Contest 2012

by duncanr

Following the UK’s decision to call up a 75yr old perma-tan pensioner, Englebert Humperdick to represent the country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the Russians have decided to put some Babushka Babes up against him

{P.S. is it just me or does one of these babushka babes look remarkably like nobbly in drag?]

13 Comments to “Eurovision Song Contest 2012”

  1. The side-to-side sway that leads into the uptempo shuffle is what makes the set. Good for them for getting up there. As for Humperdinck, call me ignorant, but I thought he died decades ago.
    Have you seen Eddie Izzard’s bit about Humperdinck?
    So good.


  2. it has to be said – Nobblyski can sure shake her booty !


  3. really funny vid engel should keep his dignity and stick to gardening xxjen


  4. Noooooo…. make it stop…make it stop,,,,,,


  5. Englebert “Humperdick” ? I don’t care what you call him or how old he gets. I will always have a crush on him. *swoon* These ladies though- yes they should be home baking ….whatever Russian ladies bake. 🙂


  6. What did I tell ya ……. the Trumperstink is back!

    They released him ……..


  7. Finally! Now we know where Boris Yeltsin got his moves…


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