Marie Osmond is so Ha-Pee

by duncanr

Female performers having ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ while on stage is so old hat these days

Marie Osmond has raised (or lowered) the bar when it comes to making a right tit of yourself on stage. During a question and answer session with the audience during a gig aboard the Donny and Marie Cruisin’ With Friends tour, Marie pissed herself (literally) laughing at a question from a member of the audience.

She started clearing the pee off the stage with her dress until a stagehand passed her some paper towels (the delay was probably while he checked the terms of his contract to make sure cleaning up Marie’s piss wasn’t part of his job)

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3 Comments to “Marie Osmond is so Ha-Pee”

  1. hilarious!!


  2. Gotta admit that’s admirable–most celebrities couldn’t pull that off as well!


  3. Hard to see the video though–fucking bedwetting-relief ads obscure the view!


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