Ad Campaign goes down a Bomb

by duncanr

A German technology firm, Convar Deutschland, wishing to drive home the danger of not backing up data, sent 40 packages containing an alarm clock glued to a hard drive to businesses, embassies and a newsroom – with a note attached saying ‘your time is running out’

Fearing the packages were bombs, buildings were evacuated and explosive experts called in.

A great many folk are pissed off at Convar Deutschland and german authorities are now deciding whether to fine the firm for wasting police time

“At absolutely no point did we mean to threaten, or injure, anyone.” – claimed Convar Deutschland

‘Lying bastards!’ Far from being a ‘Fail’ as some commentators are suggesting, this advertising campaign did exactly what it was always intended to do – get maximum publicity for Convar Deutschland by provoking a response from the authorities fearing a terrorist bombing campaign

Why else send the suspicious packages to an embassy and a newsroom?

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