by NobblySan

Sexism, Racism, Ageism, Thisism, Thatism, Anti-thisism, Anti-thatism…..

The list goes on forever.

Now, it appears, we have Tokenism to add into the mix.

Could I suggest a few others?



Made-your-money-but- can’t-stay-out-of-the-limelight-and-retire-gracefullyism


20 Comments to “Ismism”

  1. It’s-all-Tony-Blair’s-faultism ?


  2. I’m a hypocritical proponent of anti-ismism.


  3. Anna Ford, eh?

    “The thinking man’s crumpet.” I can remember seeing her on the box many years ago, and nearly having an orgism.


  4. Why was she nearly having an ‘orgism’?


  5. Because she’s into missed-dick-ism?


  6. Tokenism’s been around a very long time, especially in television and film. In just about every TV show or film, there’s got to be a token Black man, a token woman, a token homosexual, etc. Even Black History Month and Women’s History Month are examples of tokenism. It’s well-meaning, ivory-tower people who don’t belong to any of the token groups who are responsible for such tokenism. Instead of simply portraying people as they are, or promoting the history of all people year-round, these do-gooders engage in tokenism to make themselves feel less guilty and/or to display their magnanimity. But it’s hypocritical bullshit. I despise George W. Bush, but there is one phrase he used in his campaign that really sums up tokenism: “the soft bigotry of low expection”. Tokenism is condescending.


  7. correction:…”low expectation”.


  8. My point, Scott is not that there have been token appointments, placements or whatever, but more the fact that everything in this life has to be labelled as an ‘-ism’ of some sort.


  9. Talking of toke-ism: stickybud’s very quiet – all toke and no nism?


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