GOP War on Women

by duncanr

Since USA foreign policy affects citizens around the world, who occupies the White House is of interest to more than just USA citizens.

Obama has been a sore disappointment to many foreign nationals who had high hopes of him when he took office.

Watching from a distance, however, it is frightening to contemplate the field of Republicans seeking the opportunity to challenge him for the presidency – a bunch of nutjobs that would be a laughing stock if they stood for election in the UK !

Typical of the lack of political nous displayed by prominent republicans has been their comments regarding women. There are reckoned to be 10 million more women than men eligible to vote in the USA. It would be a foolish politician, therefore, to risk losing the support of women voters by upsetting them (as a general rule in life, it is ALWAYS a bad idea to upset a woman!). Yet that is what prominent republicans have done and it appears that they may face a backlash at the polls as some women organise against them

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10 Comments to “GOP War on Women”

  1. Though I’m a card-carrying Independent, who strongly opposes both the Democratic and Republican Parties, I intend to Vote for President Obama this year. An Independent candidate wouldn’t have a chance against the Republicans. I am somewhat disappointed that Obama hasn’t done more (although he could have done more were it not for constant Congressional interference). But compared to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Obama is a breath of fresh air. He hasn’t done alot of wonderful things–but he hasn’t done alot of terrible things either, as the aforementioned predecessors (especially Bush) did.

    The Republican candidates are especially nasty this year, so the belittling of women is of no surprise to me. In fact, the only real issue among the Republican candidates this year is who can best beat Obama. And that should never be an issue. The primary issue for American voters this year is the economy. The corporations are more out of control than ever in American history–particularly with their relentless outsourcing. The Democrats aren’t doing enough to curb this madness–but the Republicans are doing more than enough to encourage it.

    The United States is literally prostituting itself.


  2. Now here is the problem with the video.

    A: They quote about 5-6 republicans and say ALL Republicans
    B: They claim to speak for all women yet it isn’t true.

    I think Republicans should stay out of my pants and Democrats should stay out of my pocket but that is just me.


    • Hi bearman.

      For me the old adage about politicians, whereby anyone who wants power that much is, by default, unfit to have it, seems particularly true of the current crop …. on both sides of the Atlantic.


  3. I know I could google this, but what the hell is a GOP?


  4. my subjective opinion (for what it’s worth) is that the UK Labour party is to the left of the US Democrat party who are to the left of the UK Conservative Party who are to the left of the US Republican Party

    – so yeah, “a bunch of right wing capitalist christian nutters”


  5. I’m an American born citizen and I haven’t been voting for too long or long at all but before I vote I ask myself the following question:

    Whose the lesser moron?

    My approach has worked so far and I have no doubts about its future success.


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