Christian Sex Toys Store Opens Online

by duncanr

Christians love sex as much as the next man (or woman). Indeed, if one believes The Bible, the early Christians were right randy buggers !

Much as they like it though, some get a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed by overt public displays of sexual imagery or acts – hence the Love Garden

“The Love Garden” is a website set up by a Dutch priest. It’s a discreet online service selling dildos, cock rings, dick sprays, condoms and assorted other items to Christians wanting to enhance their Passion Play but who don’t want to be confronted with pornographic images when making their purchases – [so no pictures of a little Dutch boy sticking his finger in a dyke at The Love Garden then]

P.S. if you want to check out the Love Garden yourself you’ll find a link in the source article below 😆

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5 Comments to “Christian Sex Toys Store Opens Online”

  1. I call it the “Selling of Christ”–Christians will do anything, even if it’s against Christian teachings, to sell others on Christianity. I first noticed this with Amy Grant–how she shook her moneymaker in the name of Christ (to my orgasmic delight). But it was going on long before that.


  2. In fact, its been going on since the time of Constantine–that’s how Christianity became a major religion in the first place. (I consider the emergence of Christianity to be the worst development in human history.)


  3. Want a little god in you???


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