Is what you call the takings of the peas, no?

by NobblySan

Borat’s influence is spreading.

Bring on the Olympic ceremonies!

7 Comments to “Is what you call the takings of the peas, no?”

  1. Ha, no doubt the officials will claim it was a mistake

    I’d prefer to think it was a deliberate ‘up yours’ – sour grapes because the host nation didn’t win

    now if only they’d play the wrong tune for every nation other than the UK that wins Gold at the 2012 Olympics – would make the medal ceremonies a lot more entertaining !


  2. Sounds good to me.

    I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for alternative sour-grapes anthems for various countries?

    I suppose La Marseillaise could be replaced by The Frog Chorus if the French actually win anything.


  3. how about this if Canada wins Gold ?


  4. or if germany wins a Gold ?


  5. Qurans burned by mistake, now this done by mistake? I can’t help but wonder what further “mistakes” are planned for Muslims.


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