Spanish Bankers forced to become Wankers

by duncanr

Now this is a tack the UK Chancellor might want to consider as a way to encourage Bankers to lend more money to businesses !

High-Class prostitutes in Spain have ceased to accept ‘deposits’ from bankers until they extend more credit to families and businesses

Some Bankers denied their bit of nookie have tried to get round the hookers ban by masquerading as architects or engineers but as one prostitute said –

‘they’re not fooling anyone’ because ‘It has been many years since these professionals could afford rates that start from €300 per hour

Source –

P.S. some folk (including me) think this story a hoax but would be nice if bankers realyy were getting shafted, or not, as in this case

One Comment to “Spanish Bankers forced to become Wankers”

  1. Good for them!

    And take it from someone with experience with high-class call girls–you can’t fool a prostitute that easily!


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