What a cracking day…..again.

by NobblySan

I don’t know about where you are, but the weather in the North West of England has been superb for the past 5 or 6 days.

The end of March is usually cold, wet, windy and generally a bit shite, but just for the moment, it’s bloody marvellous.

I went for a walk this lunchtime, in order to get out of the office and get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

This is where I went, and the photo above was taken after about half a mile, looking back at the village where I work.

At times, life aint so bad after all.


16 Comments to “What a cracking day…..again.”

  1. hhmmm, you forgot to mark the Pub on that route map, nobbly !


  2. No pubs this lunchtime I’m afraid, except the one next door to work that I walked past….. http://www.theoldbellinn.co.uk/ …. without going in!

    If you look at the next route down – the 5 mile one, last Sunday – you may wonder why it took us 3 hours.

    The answer?

    At 3 miles, The Kings Arms, and at 5 miles and before I remembered to turn off the GPS tracker, The Swan.


  3. weather has been great in Brum too, Nobbly

    gazebo canopy got ripped to shreds about a year ago

    I finally got round to buying a replacement last week

    there were 3 of us fitted the original

    on Friday night I decided to tackle the job on my own. Talk about a struggle? Took me almost an hour. It was dark when I finished. And I wrecked my back in the process. But loving being able to sit out in it in this fine weather. Brilliant ! Hope it lasts for a while yet !


  4. I’d love to be up there right now–it’s sunny here in Northwest Florida, but it’s hot (in the 80’s Fahrenheit). We didn’t even have a winter this year–global warming is definitely upon us. Hurricane Season begins June 1, and doesn’t end till November 30. And I have a bad feeling, because of all this heat, that it’s going to be an active one. Even bugs like mosquitos began appearing in January, and the azaleas (which aren’t supposed to bloom till late March) began blooming in late January, and are bare now.


  5. It was a very mild winter here, and lately it’s generally been about 15-20 F warmer than it should be.


  6. That sounds great Nobblysan.


  7. Wotcha Nobbly! How ya doin’?

    Just to prove that a leopard can change his spots, I thought I’d watch the Dewani Dewani Dewani (ad infinitum) special on Panorama!!!?

    It has been gorgeous hasn’t it? Even up there in the frozen north!

    No doubt there will be threads the length of the river Amazon here tp dissect the programme afterwards!


    • Bloody hell!

      Peter Reynolds….Peter Reynolds….. hmmmm…. y’know I’m sure we used to know someone of that name, but he buggered off ages ago. I suppose he must have owed me some money, or something.

      A De(yawn)I special on Panorama, eh? They must be running out of ideas.

      Hopefully, we’re long since rid of such nonsense. Although to be fair, it did have its moments; usually ones that any student of psychology or psychiatry could have used as the basis for their dissertation, admittedly – but moments nonetheless.

      How’s life with you? Still battling trolls and people with oversized toes who feel that they’ve had them trodden on?


      • I tried Nobbly, I tried but I was so bored after half an hour I turned over and realised that I was missing the excellent “White Heat” with the delicious, delectable Ms Foy (Oooh! Look at me with those big eyes while I…).

        It’s about sitting at my PC writing Nobbly, for far too many hours every day. The subject and context vary but the work is much the same!

        Paradise Valley is my elixir of life.


        • Claire Foy… I’d heard the name but had to resort to Google to find out why.

          She played Adora Belle Dearheart in the film version of Pratchett’s Going Postal. Very sexy in a sulky, moody, dressed-in-black-and-want-to-kill-you sort of way.


        • I don’t believe it…. no comments as yet, but the old Dewani pages are starting to attract hits again.

          You’ve put them up to this, haven’t you, Reynolds?


  8. Nobbly it’s the same on my side of the hills, clear skies but T-shirt weather… in March… in Yorkshire! But it’s so dry there are threats of hosepipe bans.

    Just watch, as soon as any rain comes you damn Lancastrians will nick it all for yourselves. Either you or the Scots.


  9. It’s always hot where I am.

    Naah, naah, naahna-naahna !


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