Panic at the Pumps

by duncanr

I put £20 of unleaded in my tank every Saturday morning – that generally is enough to see me through the week

Yesterday morning, however, I noticed I was getting dangerously low – the result of a trip to Tamworth last weekend for a party.

No matter, I thought. I’ll fill up on the way home from work

It was a good plan but . . .

The 1st garage I pulled into after work had only diesel on sale – the unleaded pumps had run dry. The next 2 garages had long queues of motorists snaking down the road waiting their turn at the pumps.

Bugger that, I thought – and drove on

This morning, I probably have enough fuel to get to work and back but if I can’t get any unleaded from my local garage over the weekend I won’t be able to get into the office on Monday and will have to work from home until the situation improves

Ah well, clouds and silver linings (nudge, nudge) 😆

24 Comments to “Panic at the Pumps”

  1. Well. I made it to work

    Still no petrol though – 3 garages on my route to work all out of fuel, awaiting delivery

    Still confident of getting home, but the needle on that fuel gauge is dangerously close to going into the red !


  2. Damn–and I thought it was bad here in the U.S.


  3. Bloody hell. £20 a week gets you from your place to Wolverhampton and back 5 times a week, plus other stuff….. What the hell do you drive?

    I only work 5 miles from home, and do the trip in an old Ford Ka, while MrsN works even closer and has a Land Rover. Include trips to the stables and taking the beasties out for walks, plus other stuff, we spend about £65 a week on fuel.

    If it wasn’t so bloody hilly, I’d use my pushbike.

    Scott….. what’s the price of gas round your way?


    • Petroleum, Nobbly. Petroleum.



      • I know… I know…. it was just that I thought that when talking to Johnny Foreigner, it might help to lull the chap into a false sense of security by using his own lingo, thus easing him into divulging the required information.

        Don’t panic, old bean; I’m not about to start referring to going to the flicks as ‘taking in a movie’, missing perfectly acceptable letters out of such fine words as humour, or colour and then using them on their own in place of ‘you’.


    • VW Golf, Nobbly

      I live north side of Brum – a couple of miles from M6 junction 7

      Get off M6 at Junction 10 for work

      Distance from house to office prob around 10-12 miles

      If I don’t use the car at the weekend I can get away with only putting £15 in some weeks 😆

      P.S. Still no petrol at any of the garages I passed on my way home tonight. Driving with the petrol warning light on now. I’m gambling on everyone that was panic buying having filled their tanks by now so that when garages are resupplied with fuel over the weekend I’ll be able get my hands on some petrol tomorrow or Sunday with no competition from other motorists


      • I was forced to go to a non-franchised garage in Saddleworth last night. He’s mega-expensive at the best of times, but has jacked up his prices even more… and the miserable bastard was still busy.

        MrsN filled up with diesel at our local on her way to the stables at 6:45 this morning, but at 7:15 on her way back, they were queued out along the main road.

        i blame that shower of irresponsible twats that pass for a government for this lot. In trying to discredit UNITE, they have created a crisis where none existed. There was only the threat of industrial action that may have caused disruption at the pumps…. but thick Dave and his cronies have ensured that there are petrol shortages.

        Twats… the lot of ’em.


        • I refused on principle to ‘panic buy’

          But my decision not to join the herd may, on Monday, seem not too clever a move, if I haven’t been able to get petrol over the weekend !


          • Hopefully all this shit will die down over the weekend. There is no threat of industrial action for at least a week,and the scaremongering pond-life in government have hopefully received a bloody nose.


  4. They’ve been queuing/queueing (can’t spell that bloody word) at our local Morrisons since friggin’ Monday. Two blokes nearly came to blows on Wednesday, a taxi driver and white van man. Taxi driver tried jumping the queue, white van man was having none of it, got out of his van and squared up to him. The poor lass in the petrol station tried to stop ’em but got a load of verbal from both of them and she ended up in tears. Security was called but he was nowhere to be seen so the store manager came and told her to stay inside and not to get involved, he reckoned it was probably gonna get worse.
    Thursday, massive queues again, but the ironic thing was, at the back of the queue was the Morrisons petrol tanker trying to deliver his usual Thursday load!

    It’s calmed down a bit now but the dickheads that filled up Monday will probably be there again tomorrow about the same time as I’m going to do me shopping!


  5. There some sort of gas shortage going around? I haven’t heard about it here. They just keep raising the price until no one can afford it.


  6. It was announced yesterday that our petrol price is going up by 71c per litre, it will now cost us R11-97 per litre – I’m bargaining on my very good boss giving us a cost of living increase, or else I’m going to have to start using up all my sick days so I don’t have to drive to work!!


    • Stop moaning woman!

      At about R12 to a quid, I paid just over R18 per litre for diesel the other day.

      On a business trip to the states a few years ago, there was uproar in the company when petrol had just gone above $1 a gallon. They couldn’t believe it when I told them it was about $7 a gallon in the UK. It’s now about $11.


      • don’t forget, nobbly, that the US gallon is much smaller than a UK gallon – the gallon, as measured in the UK, being almost 1.1/4 the size of the US gallon

        I love this explanation of the origin of this difference –

        The difference between the Imperial gallon and the smaller US Gallon might be explained by the fact that, in the post medieval past, the whiskey filled barrels leaving the shores of UK didn’t have the same content when arriving in the new world…. (


  7. well, panic – in this house at least – is over

    no more illuminated yellow petrol pump glaring at me from my dashboard – I has gas !


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