Rules of The Chair ….

by Julie

Right, so with school holidays upon us and MudBaby and B/F alone at home during the day … all sorts of strange things happen (mostly because B/F tends to forget there is a small whirlwind in the house that causes chaos every two minutes).

Eventually got to my ‘puter a short while ago, and I see this little sticker lying on the floor underneath my chair. Apparently these are rules I should have read before using the chair, but because it was stuck under the chair with a warning “DO NOT REMOVE THIS LABEL” …. I never really looked there – I mean c’mon who goes and lies on the floor to check out the underneath of the chair to see where the rules are?

1. Do not stand on this chair, do not use this chair as a step-ladder – (ok, rule No. 1 broken about 20 times already)
2. Use this product only for seating one person at a time (may I plead the 5th on that offense?)
3. Do not use this chair unless all bolts, screws and knobs are firmly secured (bolts, screws – this I understand … but knobs? B/F will not be amused!!)
4. At least every 4 months, check all bolts, screw and knobs to ensure they are tight (back to the knobs again!!)
5. If parts are missing, broken, damaged or worn stop use of the product until repairs are made using factory authorized parts (firstly, how will I know if parts are missing, I’m a bookkeeper FFS – factory authorized parts are a money-making racket as far as I’m concerned).
6. Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious injury (oh, I doubt it, it’s not a very long way to the floor!!)

…. Place picture of unstable chair ….. HERE ….


11 Comments to “Rules of The Chair ….”

  1. You would think that if the rules were important they would be on top of one of the knobs!!!


  2. Check knob every 4 months?

    I bet there isn’t a bloke in the country world who doesn’t check his every 4 minutes, whilst fidgetting around in his pockets.


  3. Oh… check knobs…plural…..

    Well I’m stopping at one, and not checking any bugger else’s.


  4. There are a lot of labels and warnings on things that people with common sense think is stupid. I’m sure there’s some dumbass out there who’s responsible for that.


  5. Amazing the lengths manufacturers go to cover their asses from potential lawsuits–remember the idiot who sued McDonald’s because she didn’t know the coffee was supposed to be hot?


  6. You want to blame manufacturers for their condescending “safety instructions”–but it only takes one idiot to create a need for such bullshit!


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