Were You Pranked?

by duncanr

Well that’s it over for another year

Did you fall for any April Fool jokes yesterday?

Did you play an April Fool joke on anyone?

C’mon ‘fess up – share your story here

P.S. no-one fell for the ‘Gmail tap’ and the “hosepipe ban’ stories posted in Madhatters yesterday, right ?

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17 Comments to “Were You Pranked?”

  1. Oh shit, I did! Good job, Duncan!


  2. Confusion say: “Better to be wise every day but April 1 than foolish every day but April 1!”


  3. Well I guess you all saw through my ‘one-button’ improved Gmail tap design, right?


  4. Was it just me, or were the media a little less tiresome than usual with their attempts at April Fool jokes?

    Over the past few years they’ve been increasingly childish and far-fetched, which rather undermines the idea of the thing.

    The hosepipe one was just about right – anyone living in the UK, and subjected to the sort of rampant stupidity that local councils are capable of, could have been caught off guard by it. As it is, I’m too bloody cynical to believe stuff in the mainstream media (especially the internet) throughout the year, so April Fools’ day is no different than any other.


  5. I have to admit I only got the hose one on the second reading :blush:


  6. Well heck yes, of course I was pranked … by the ex-hubby no less!! Of course Son No. 1 had a little hand in it too!!

    I have an excuse – I was busy cooking and had no idea of what the date was!!

    However Son No. 1 learnt a very important lesson – don’t get caught for drunken driving, coz you’re gonna bail yourself out buddy … mommy has no sympathy for things like that – I was already hunting through his cupboard for his pay envelope …. he was damwell paying for it himself!!! Until of course, I was asked …. “so what are you doing for the rest of April Fool’s Day? Grrrrr


  7. I knew the hosepipe story was a joke because of the detail with which you covered it. Normally, when you post a story you’ll just post a short summary, your thoughts, and a link to the original story.

    As for the Gmail Tap video, it had April fools written all over it.


  8. My Mother in Law called said she had just bought an airline ticket and would be visiting next weekend. She did the same thing last year. How could I fall for it two times. :+)


  9. anyone else notice how conspicuously silent on this topic is the ratty?


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