While Fixing You

by UniSciKill

When you told me

You think about the things I’ve said

Laughing all night long

I just about cried


Because I know

When you’re alone

You’re feeling broken-hearted

But you can’t give up what you’ve started

You’re missing someone special

And I miss him too


The feeling that I get

From knowing that you think of me

Instead of what you used to be

I just about cried


Never thought this day would come

Can’t believe that you’re the one

Leaning on me in this way

Depending on me to stay

For you

I will try

16 Comments to “While Fixing You”

  1. Ouch – get out of my mind
    (That means your poem is a good one BTW)


  2. That’s weird.

    When I woke up this morning, I had this song in my head.


  3. This bike of ours needs a little bit of “fixing.” That’s why it’s going cheep (but I think a drop of oil will put that right.)


    • What, the bike? I haven’t actually seen it, but Ratty reckons unicycle would be a fool not to buy it.


      • Not you too Nobbly. I don’t need a bike… what I need is a pet rat that I will call ‘Ratty’.


        • There are loads of spare rats at the stables at the moment, following the recent death of the farm cat. I’ll send a couple over if you like. They will fit in the wicker basket on the front of Ratty’s bike when we send that; it’ll save on UPS fees.


          • You could call them Rat-a-one-ee, and Ratatouille,


            • Haha. If you lot insist on sending me something – give me a jet pack. Traffic is horrible where I live and using a bike is impractical because nothing is close by, at least not the places I have to go to.


              • Haha UniSciKill …. traffic is horrible where you live? Driving in Jo’burg would have Schumie changing underwear every two hours!!


                • I don’t mean to laugh at your traffic troubles but that’s hilarious. Now, that you’ve put it that way maybe the traffic here isn’t so bad.


                • Worse place I ever lived for traffic was Calgary

                  Now I don’t know about you but the word ‘trail’ conjures up in my mind a narrow, winding path through the countryside.

                  In Calgary, ‘trail’ describes a bloody 6-8 lane motorway running through the town where cars zigzag from one lane to the other, overtaking to the right or left of them. I used to shit myself daily, going to work on my pushbike but it certainly got the adrenaline going – trying to cross 3 lanes of traffic to get to my exit ! 😆


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