What’s with all this ‘Like’ shit?

by NobblySan

I haven’t had one for a while, so here’s a bit of a rant.

Back in the old days, when Noah was a lad, and Ratty was still middle aged, I used to have a stalkbook account.

For a number of reasons (people posting shite, poseurs shouting “look at me!”, my wife asking “who are all these women?”…you know the sort of stuff), I tired of it, and packed it in.

One of the things that really got up my nose, under my skin, on my tits, [other similes are available] etc. was the ‘Like’ button. I can’t recall ever using it myself, but got thoroughly pissed off with people just hitting it rather than taking the time to actually comment on something, or offer an opinion. It struck me as the height of idleness, and I was glad to be rid of it.

Or so I thought……

The fucking things are everywhere.

Here on WordPress, Youtube, the completely fucking unfathomable Google+ (have you ever seen such a pointless service?), and now they’re even on Grooveshark.

I can’t search for music without being told that some bloke that I couldn’t give a toss about, who lives in a tin shack in South Carolina, and whose only encounter with a dictionary was to use it to beat small furry animals to death, also likes the same bloody song.

Do I care?

Do I fuck!

If you like this post, then drop me a comment to say so. Please don’t hit the Like button….you well meaning, but ultimately lazy bastard!


39 Comments to “What’s with all this ‘Like’ shit?”

  1. I had to resist the urge to like button and run! I must agree hitting only the like button not my favorite. I may hit the like button and comment. I will only comment here and avoid the like button. But I did like the rant.


  2. I would have liked it but username allesklar is taken on WP (some bastard squatting on it since 2006!), so bylyns has to like it for me.

    Oh yeah – nearly forgot –



  3. Well it’s a bit obvious, really. He’s just after bragging rights at the local – can you just imagine…
    “Honestly – I got more likes on my posts than the rest of the maddatterscombined…”
    Even worse: now we’re all going to have press that bloody ‘like’ button on every one of Nobbly’s posts until… say… he admits he likes liking.


    • Now you’re all getting in the spirirt of the thing.

      Posting comments rather than just taking the easy option.

      For those who don’t know me by now….. I detest emoticons. In my book they are used by:-

      1. Schoolchildren, who enjoy the bright colours
      2. People of limited intellect who struggle to form sentences and have to resort to pictures
      3. ‘Sun’ readers (see #2)
      4. Duncan

      I do have a modicum of intellect, and can generally work out when someone is trying to be funny without having it pointed out to me by some grinning yellow blob on the screen. If other people can’t do likewise then that’s their lookout.


      • 1) Honestly, I hate emoticons too.

        The winking icon annoys me the most. I’ve generally seen that women (just teenage girls hopefully) tend use emoticons more than men and their comments are girly to the point that I want to rip my eyeballs out. For example, “OMG HE IS SO HAWT” or “Like I SO don’t get that”.

        2) Other than emoticons, it’s the abbreviations that really bother me.

        For example, “I c y u did dis…” – They might as well use morse code and I’ll understand them better.

        3) The jumping-to-conclusions-without-reading-everything bit…

        And 4) the crude, vulgar, or plain negative comments about other people’s race or religion.

        For example, “You stupid f***ing paki terrorist” or “You dumb indian b****”.

        These negative comments are usually unrelated to the content of the post.

        5) Another annoying comment is this:


        I fabricated the above example but that is the typical format of this kind of comment found on YouTube.

        There are more comments that annoy me but these are the top 5.


      • Who else reads your book?


        • er I meant…
          @NobblySan **In my book they are used by:-
          1. Schoolchildren, who enjoy the bright colours
          2. People of limited intellect who struggle to form sentences and have to resort to pictures
          3. โ€˜Sunโ€™ readers (see #2)
          4. Duncan **

          Who else reads your book? ๐Ÿ˜†


  4. I’ve got a confession, Nobbly

    I use the Like button when visiting other blogs

    If I read a post I like but haven’t got time to leave a comment (generally ‘cos I’m moonlighting at work) I’ll hit the like button to let the blog owner know I’ve enjoyed reading their post.

    Other times, I use the Like button ‘cos by the time I read the post some other bugger’s already posted the smart-arse comment I was going to put up


  5. #6) Crude or vulgar comments about the male/female anatomy or sexist comments about males/females in general.


  6. #6) LIKE ! ! !


  7. I just couldn’t resist, I liked it so much. โค


  8. I hope you’re not averse to ‘Thank You’. Thank you for this post. I’m pretty certain I have expressed similar on my blog. Alas, I cannot find that particular post. So, I shamelessly link the following: https://texantales.com/2014/03/01/the-irreverent-lenny-bruce-an-american-icon-lone-ranger/


  9. Nobbly, I think we were separated at birth, except I got all the looks and you got…well, anyway, we are of the same mind on this one.

    Not only do I concur wholeheartedly with all your points but I’ll go you one further: I read an article long ago, when the herpes-like Facebook epidemic was still in its infancy, that Herr Zuckerberg was eagerly tracking people electronically via those innocent little Like buttons. Once the rat hit the Like food bar, Facebook’s unsubtle engines were off and running, recording absolutely everywhere you traveled on the internet from there and storing it in their little data banks. You know, for “research” purposes.

    That’s why whenever you buy something online, you start seeing images of it pop up everywhere. Facebook is the world’s slimiest marketing tick, latching onto your ass and stuffing itself with your online info so it can “serve its customers better.” I think that’s French for “suck a wallet ’til it’s dry.” It’s done far worse stuff since then but it’s getting caught more often by hackers in the know and its own people rediscovering their morals and ratting them out.

    Emoticons just remind me of Idiocracy.


  10. Wow! A five year gap in comments – that’s some going.

    . . . and I still detest the Like button, and regard emoticons (or emojis, as they are, I believe now called) as the preserve of the imbecile.


  11. . . . and . . . AND!

    My posts used to be more considered, and better structured, in those days.

    How times change, eh?


  12. The smiley face emoticon I call Flashing the Codependent Symbol. Oh, looky there, somebody needs approval real bad.

    In fact, just found an article on the damned thing.


  13. If there were an Up Yer Ass emoticon, my cursor would’ve hovered over it for a long damned time today.

    A writer and activist for something I support, a person of some notoriety that I used to laud and respect, just gave me the business for not reading his entire blog before posting a comment because apparently, in sharing my experience, I made a point he already made years ago. Of all the narcissistic, assholean….

    He’s gonna find it hard to walk tomorrow with a keyboard rammed up his rectum.


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