Dear Readers, Check out these Letters. Sincerely, A MadHatter

by UniSciKill


You can find all these letters including many more at the Dear blank, please blank site:

Feel free to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account if you have one and help them moderate new letters.

You can even submit your own letter and if it receives enough votes it will be displayed on the site.

For example…

Dear Snow White,

Nobbly is Grumpy, Duncan is Happy, Stickybud is Dopey, Allesklar is Silly, Ratty is Pervy, and Julie is Helpful.


Call me Fun or Witty, the 7th dwarf UniSciKill.

12 Comments to “Dear Readers, Check out these Letters. Sincerely, A MadHatter”

  1. In the good old days, letters never talked back.


  2. Dear Duncan

    I know you want me, yearn for me. I’ve seen the longing in your eyes as you glance in my direction, trying to feign indifference

    They say I’m no good for you. That I’ll ruin your life

    But what do we care what others may think ?

    Our union was foretold in the stars

    We were meant to be together

    And though you have cruelly cast me aside, I am patient. I can wait

    For the day will come again when you will hold me in your arms once more, caressing and fondling my body with your loving touch

    And your tongue, your tongue . . .

    Until that day, when our two bodies are joined in one, I’ll just sit here in the corner – breathing deeply !

    Yours lovingly

    Ruby (Cabernet)


  3. Dear Owner

    The Cat did it

    Yours faithfully

    The Dog


  4. Dear Police,

    I would not have been where you might have thought I could have been at a time I assume you think relevant to an event I may not be aware of, when someone possibly unknown to me was unlikely to have parked a motor vehicle not dissimilar to mine in a parking space not proven to have been correctly gazetted prior to erection of an allegedly clearly visible disabled parking sign.

    Yours faithfully,
    Innocence Parker


  5. That’s hilarious! I especially like the one from “your homework”!


  6. Couldn’t resist checking out the site–I’ve added it to my “Favorites” list! Thanks for sharing it!


    • You’re welcome Scott! I’m glad you liked it. It’s a funny distraction every once in a while – just don’t get addicted.


  7. Dear Nobody,

    I’m just writing to say – I love you too,



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