Cops Rescue Knackered Man from Sex-Crazed Woman

by duncanr

A German man who had sex multiple times with a woman he met in a Munich bar ** was forced to flee to the balcony of her flat and call police to rescue him when she refused to let him leave unless he made love to her again, and again, and again, and . . . Jeez, some men have all the luck !!!

Source –

** no, ratty – I don’t know the name of the bar !


One Comment to “Cops Rescue Knackered Man from Sex-Crazed Woman”

  1. Ha,ha,ha…That’s one difference between men and women right there. If the gender roles were reversed, this would be considered a terrible crime–women would definitely sympathize with the man who couldn’t get enough sex. But we men read this, and wonder what in the hell is wrong with this guy! Hey, maybe sex kills–but at least you die happy!


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