Saudis to Behead Shri Lankan Woman ?

by duncanr

Belief in supernatural beings and mysterious forces that can be manipulated for good or evil by certain individuals extends far back in human history – often bound up with religion.

Ignorance combined with a strong belief in religion has been (and still is) a dangerous combination – as many a man, woman, and child cruelly tortured and put to death on suspicion of being a witch or warlock has found to their cost.

While the state no longer tortures and kills people suspected of being witches in the UK, we regrettably still . . . have occasional cases where immigrants to these shores with a belief in witchcraft do so –

Saudi Arabia – unlike the UK – sadly, still executes people found guilty of practicing witchcraft. If reports are to believed, a Shri Lankan women is currently being held on a charge of sorcery after a Saudi man accused her of casting a spell on his 13yr old daughter who, he said, started acting strangely after coming into contact with the woman in a shopping mall. If found guilty, the woman will be beheaded.

As many folk found out during the witchcraft hysteria of a bygone era in the UK, proving one is not a witch is a difficult task – [the only sure way of doing so being to stay dead once your accusers have drowned you] – so the accused in this case may shortly be meeting her maker a whole lot sooner than she would like unless the international community can bring pressure to bear on the Saudi rulers to show leniency should the woman be found guilty

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6 Comments to “Saudis to Behead Shri Lankan Woman ?”

  1. Barbaric! How can we help to prevent this?


    • This is one to keep an eye on to see how it develops.

      If this woman is found guilty, her only hope (and probably a slim one at that) is for Governments and NGOs, like Amnesty International, to put pressure on the Saudi king to show leniency – and they in turn are more likely to try and do that if the case is given enough publicity that they can see some political advantage to themselves in intervening with the Saudi king


  2. his 13 yr old daughter started acting strangely?

    Jeez, they all do that when they become teenagers – it’s got bugger all to do with sorcery !


  3. What I don’t understand is why the Saudis believe in the power of witchcraft in the first place. This belief seems counter to Islamic doctrine (just as it does Christian and Jewish doctrine).


    • You and me both Scott. There’s a lot I’ve learned about Saudis over the years but I’ll keep most of that information to myself. Some of my friends and relatives live there. None of them are Arabs of course – just Asian/Indian/Pakistani.

      There is an unsaid law in Saudia Arabia. If you piss off an Arab – you’re screwed. I’m not too sure if that “witchcraft” bull is the real reason why they’re beheading her.


  4. Duncan…

    “Belief in supernatural beings and mysterious forces that can be manipulated for good or evil by certain individuals” is as good a description of religion as I’ve seen – never mind it being “bound up with religion”!


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