Red in Bed a No-No

by duncanr

What colour of female genitals do men prefer?

That’s the question Sarah Johns, an anthropologist at the University of Kent, sought the answer to

Starting with the premise that men find women wearing red clothing, or red lipstick sexy and that there may be an evolutionary basis for this preference because in some primate species the female signals her readiness to mate by her red arse, she pulled some non-pornographic pics from a website to which women submit anonymous photos of their vulvas and . . .asked a group of heterosexual men to rate them for attractiveness after she had first changed their hue to range from pale pink, light pink, dark pink and red

Somewhat to her surprise, her sample of men showed the least preference for red vulvas.

If you want to read more about this study you can do so here – – but if you’re looking for the address of that website, ratty, you’ll be disappointed

P.S. got to agree with one of the comments on this article – ladies, if we’re that close to it, it’s colour is the last thing on our minds !

12 Comments to “Red in Bed a No-No”

  1. This is just silly and I am not going to the bathroom to check my ‘color’ scheme.

    “got to agree with one of the comments on this article – ladies, if we’re that close to it, it’s colour is the last thing on our minds ”
    And, if you did you’d be shown the door so quick you might go color blind!

    Also, on that note, did she take this into consideration?

    “Some 10 million American men—fully 7 percent of the male population—either cannot distinguish red from green, or see red and green differently from most people.”

    Just wondering.


    • I disagree with her basic premise – I don’t find red sexy at all

      Bright red lipstick just looks garish to me and a red dress looks trashy

      I think a black dress beats a red dress for sexiness every time and definitely a subtle shade of lipstick is more alluring than bright red but if this researcher is right then I’m the exception rather than the rule


      • Somehow Duncan, the picture of you in either a black or a red dress seems somewhat less than sexy.

        I definately take your point about the red lipstick, though; it would just look daft with the white beard.


  2. Green. Definitely green.


  3. Ratty likes his women with a bit of gangrene I guess.


  4. “I dun’t care bout no colur! I want me women folk stoopid and willing”


  5. Yeah, I’d be somewhat cautious about a red vagina–I’d think the girl were either diseased or very, very loose.

    Pink is what it’s supposed to be.


    • Could be the red vaginas were not picked because the colour red is associated in our minds with ‘DANGER’ ?

      After all, fire safety equipment is coloured red, road traffic warning signs feature the colour red, traffic stop signs are red, blood is red

      I think I could make a pretty good case that men are not predisposed to think of red as attractive but rather are conditioned to be wary of red ?


  6. The university of where?

    Oh, ….Kent

    I must have misheard that.

    As Bob Monkhouse once said…..

    “You can tell I come from Kent. People mutter it under their breath as I walk past.”


  7. My missus used to have a red Volvo once…


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