Mother Abets Rape of 5 Month Old Daughter

by duncanr

A woman has been given to 2 life sentences in prison by a St Louis court for her role in the abuse and rape of her 5 month old daughter

22 yr old Tessa L. Vanvlerah, invited a man she met online – through a shared interest in child porn – into her home and allowed him to sexually abuse her 5 month old daughter

The judge rejected her defence lawyers plea that she not be jailed because she suffers from a dependent-personality disorder

The child was . . .taken into foster care and has since been adopted by her foster mother who told the court the girl – now 3yr old – still suffers night terrors stemming from her ordeal

Very few of us can remember much of our early childhood years, Hopefully time will erase the memory of this abuse from this little girl’s mind

It’s early in the year yet but Tessa L. Vanvlerah will be hard to beat for Mother of the Year Award !

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9 Comments to “Mother Abets Rape of 5 Month Old Daughter”

  1. This is terrible.
    This is so so terrible.


  2. Obviously the mother wasn’t fit to be the little girls mother and I know what it is like to bond and trust a mother who criminally betrayed me and my trust and I will never trust her again.NEVER EVER AGAIN FORGET THAT.


    • Hi Charl.

      Thanks for calling in here and leaving your comment. It’s much appreciated.

      I have had a look at your blog – it’s very powerful and personal, and it obviously means a lot to you to be able to tell your story this way.

      You seem to be very sensible so I won’t labour the point and patronise you, but please be careful when it comes to contacting people who wish you to get in touch with them via your blog.

      All the best,



  3. Two life terms–bullshit, she’ll be out on parole in five years or less. They should fry her ass.


  4. she needs locking up forver itsa pity they cannot put to sleep like they do with dogs best place for her is hell


  5. Nice work and yeh that is very down right wrong and it is very criminal and for far too long the criminals always get away with hurting us for nothing and for nothing we as children and babies done to no one.


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