Hot Prom Girls Get Very Wet

by duncanr

They got all dressed up in their new gowns and no doubt spent a long time on their make-up and getting their hair ‘just right’ so they looked the part for the highlight of their year – their High School Prom Dance.

Someone suggested a group photo with their escorts

Someone else suggested they stand on the wooden pier jutting out over the lake for the photo

It no doubt seemed a good idea at the time but . . .

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11 Comments to “Hot Prom Girls Get Very Wet”

  1. Poor kids. The girls, especially, as no doubt the boys thought it “a helluva laugh.” But for the teenage girls who spent their whole day preparing the right dress, the right hair-do, the right look, it must have been devastating. Bless ’em.


    • ratty, you sound like a… parent. I expected some horny and or age inappropriate comment. I’m not saying I’m disappointed. Just surprised in a good way.


      • Yes, yes you are. Dissapointed that I’m a Dad and can, therefore, never be yours. Be brave Eunice. Chin up!


        • It’s okay to show that parental, understanding, and sympathetic side of you every once in a while. Don’t be embarrassed.

          *Gives ratty a piece of cheese and pets him*

          Whose a good little rat?

          *ratty wags tail back and forth*

          Yes, you are.


    • steady on, ratty, folk will start thinking we’re not a bunch of hard-hearted cynical auld buggers after all !


  2. Wonder how the couple on the left is going to get over the gap


  3. Luckily it wasn’t very deep.


  4. They will definitely have the best prom story to tell their grandchildren!


    • It’s a wet T-shirt prom, except with wet dresses!


    • yes, but I bet it would have been so different if it had been one girl on her own that had fallen in the lake. It would have been tears, and heartache, and no more prom. As it was a crowd, they were able to support one another and carry on despite their involuntary dip in the lake. And like you say, they now have a great story to tell future generations


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