Sour faced old boot.

by NobblySan

I was just flicking through the BBC news site, and came across this piece, about children who, over the years, have met the queen.

It’s typical of the BBC in this year of media self-indulgence to publicise such events, and to some extent – why not?

However, what with me being an old cynic, and always looking for the downside of any progaganda, I immediately thought of Kirsty Howard.

Kirsty is the inspirational figure who leads a multi-million pound challenge to raise funds for Francis House childrens’ hospice in Manchester. Back in 2002, when Manchester hosted the commonwealth Games, it was young Kirsty, together with David Beckham, who carried the commonwealth baton on the final leg of its journey, across the stadium, where it was presented to the queen.

Beckham, for all the negative press that he receives, was brilliant, but come the great moment when she handed the baton to the queen, did HRH have a word of support or thanks for the young girl? Did she even smile? Did she hell – she remained po-faced and silent throughout, managing a slight nod in the direction of Kirsty.

This is what I think of when I see our beloved monarch meeting children.

To qualify all this; I wasn’t there, I don’t personally know any of the participants, and I have only seen what happened on the TV, and shared in the air of disgust that was around at the time.


One Comment to “Sour faced old boot.”

  1. Beckham was such a gentleman.

    Kirsty is soooo cute!


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