Pakistani Keepers Drink Elephant’s Booze

by duncanr

Two elephant keepers at the Marghazar Zoo in Pakistan have been caught drinking the elephants booze

Well, they said it was for the elephants

Apparently, they have been buying alcohol from a local source since 1992 and adding the cost to the Zoo’s animal food bill, claiming the alcohol was to calm the elephants down during the mating season.

Vet’s (what do they know about it) claim elephants don’t touch alcohol and the two keepers have been suspended on suspicion that they consumed the booze themselves

“That’s a (hic) bloody lie”, said one keeper “I never touched a (hic) drop”

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One Comment to “Pakistani Keepers Drink Elephant’s Booze”

  1. They’re lucky their story didn’t hold up–else they’d have been charged with animal cruelty.


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