Britain’s got talent !

by ratty

This week, it was, apparently, won by a dog.

I say, apparently, because I never have the opportunity to watch it, our telly being constantly tuned to Arabic stations – one of which is “Arab’s got Talent.” This is devoted, largely, to bints warbling along to enthusiastic cries from the audience. This is superceded only by some guy doing the same thing, equally assisted by a bored-looking orchestra.

Of course, their efforts are wasted when faced with what the Brits can, cunningly, come up with when they are pushed into a tight corner.

I can’t wait till I go to the village to buy a packet of fags. Where my status will have been elevated to stardom by the assumption that I know someone, or know someone’s Aunties, Uncles, Godfather’s cousin who couldnt give a flying fuck about dogs that can dance and jump through hoops, but are just satisfied that that they can shit outdoors.

Rule Britannia !


3 Comments to “Britain’s got talent !”

  1. I could but choose not to watch BGT and other shows like X-factor on ITV and the other ‘talent’ spotting shows on the BBC – they are often more about ‘entertainment’ than finding new ‘talent’ and folk who should have been weeded out during the auditions are put through to the later stages because they are so bloody awful the producers think they’ll get a laugh out of the audience.

    It’s a cruel exploitation of individuals – encouraging them in their delusion that they can sing only to hold them up for ridicule in front of an audience just to boost viewing figures

    I didn’t watch this programme, but if I had been a competitor I would be pissed off to have been judged to be less talented than a dog !


  2. Hey come on, she’s only a teenager…there’s no need to call her a dog.


  3. I tried to get my cat to dance and now I have a big red scratch 🙄


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