Freedom to Serve : Freedom to Marry

by duncanr

Gays and lesbians can now serve openly in the US Military but their ‘same-sex’ marriages or long-term relationships with their partner are yet to achieve the same recognition and acceptance as that of heterosexual couples – as the following vid illustrates

The vid is part of the Freedom to Marry – campaign and is best viewed full screen


2 Comments to “Freedom to Serve : Freedom to Marry”

  1. The main problem with “gay marriage” is that of homosexual and lesbian couples raising children. Sure, most children raised by gay parents won’t turn out gay. But they will be confused all their lives, and often need therapy all their lives. It’s confusing enough when a child is raised by a single parent, of either sex. But to be raised by two “parents” of the same sex is even more confusing. A child should be raised by a man and a woman–he or she needs both in his or her life. Forget religion, and look to evolution. We are evolutionarily designed for heterosexual sex, not homosexual sex. I believe that homosexuality is a psychosexual disorder–just as are zoophilia, necrophilia, sado-masochism, etc. I agree that homosexuals and lesbians cannot change, and consider this tragic. And I also agree that homosexuals and lesbians should not be discriminated against, in the workplace. But marrying and raising children is a much more delicate matter. We are not evolutionarily designed for marriage, this is true. But we are designed to reproduce, and to raise children as male and female parents. A child needs a male parent and a female parent present in his or her life. He or she needs the influence of both–for the sake of balance. Together, a mother and father give a child a balanced perspective of what it means to be male, and what it means to be female. The sexes are very different–and each has valuable traits needed by a child.


  2. But gays and lesbians have emotional needs just like heterosexuals. They are probably more worldy-wise and resilient, having undoubetedly suffered discrimination; and many would provide a more loving home than many a hetero couple. I’m sure that most gay or lesbian couples would ensure that their children had plenty of positive contact with the other gender.

    I don’t think most kids would grow up confused. Kids take things in their stride – adults are racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic: kids have no concern about things like this. I imagine that they would be less likely to grow up bitter and twisted than in a judaeo/christian heterosexual set-up, too.


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