Ugly Bastard Thing Heading for the UK

by duncanr

No, I don’t mean Beckham

It’s the giant cheese grater he’s holding aloft


22 Comments to “Ugly Bastard Thing Heading for the UK”

  1. Just for the record; I am sick of hearing about:-

    The Olympics
    The European Championships
    Woy Hodgson
    Rio ‘Duhh’ Ferdinand
    John ‘Racist twat’ Terry

    Just wait until Wimbledon starts, and I’ll add Andy Murray to the list.


    • …and another thing, or two.

      Kenny Dalglish
      Roberto Martinez

      How mad is that? You sack a manager who has reached two cup finals, winning one of them, and left you eighth in the league, only to interview a bloke who has won fuck all, finished fifteenth in the league, and who has escaped relegation by the skin of his fore teeth for the second season running.


  2. So, you’re obviously looking forward to Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations then, Nobbly….?


  3. By God, nobbly, but you’re lovely when you’re angry !


  4. By the way, Duncan. I don’t think it is a cheese grater, I think it’s one of those things for removing hard skin and corns from your feet.


  5. Wasn’t it modelled on Eric Pickles’s liver?


  6. . . . and I have to say that I am proud, PROUD dammit, to be British. To be part of a Nation that has been honoured with hosting the, errm, London Olymics.

    Rah, Rah, Huzzah !


  7. More like El Cig than El Cid, I reckon.


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