Happy Birthday Duncan!

by UniSciKill

Sweet old man says

Call me handsome ma’am

Wearing his kilt proudly

Fishing for wishes

By the sea of birthdays

Let me reel one in

May you live for many years

With happiness abound

Making others smile

Like you have for me

Not letting your pain

Define you

Never change




Looks don’t matter

With a heart like yours

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25 Comments to “Happy Birthday Duncan!”

  1. Facebook already celebrated it. Happy Bday Dunc!!


  2. Happy Birthday Duncan! 😀


  3. Happy Birthday!


  4. Happy birthday! So I guess that makes you 39. Again.


  5. Happy Birthday,
    Drink too much!


    • “sweet old man….”
      “looks don’t matter….”

      Unicycle; remind me never to ask you to write about me – I’m not sure I could handle that sort of public humiliation.


      • Ha, Eunice gave me advanced notice of the poem and asked if I wanted anything changed – I said leave it. I love it as it is !

        On one level, it is a sincere, sweet tribute – on another level, it has an ambiguity about it that can be interpreted as a tongue in cheek piss take [which makes it perfect for Madhatters!]

        Remind me, when is your birthday?

        Can’t wait to see your birthday poem – I have a few ideas UnisciKill could work on for that !!!


        • I don’t have a birthday.

          To quote Mike Harding, I was knitted by the WRVS and left on the doorstep when me mam wasn’t looking.


          • Who here knows when Nobblysan’s birthday is?


          • sorry…I misquoted the great man.

            “…pushed through the letterbox when me Mam wasn’t looking” is more correct.


            • You’d like Mike Harding, Eunice….

              He writes moving poetry, just like yours.

              This one is an historical tale of revenge and lust.


              • His name sounds familiar…

                Not to sound self depreciating but I know poetry is not my forte and I’m an amateur at best. I’ll write whatever I feel. Whatever comes to mind. I like to write and read dark or tragic poetry. Poetry about revenge. I don’t publish any of my own dark poems because in order to understand them, you’d have to understand the hate. You’d have to know the whole story. So, yes you’re right I think I would like Mike Harding’s poetry.


      • Duncan is young compared to a lot of people like some of my aunts, uncles, grandmother, and ratty. But… he is older than you, me, my parents, my siblings, etc. I think you’re around my parents’ age Nobblysan. Fear not – like Duncan ‘said’ I won’t publish anything about someone without their approval (unless they’re assholes who deserve to get their fingers and toes chopped off and force fed to them).


  6. Oh,

    Happy birthday, you old git.


  7. Happy Birhday, Duncan


  8. Happy Birthday Duncan. I hope you have a wonderful if not a wonderful week. :+)


  9. Day oh sorry about that I dropped my day.


  10. Nobbly and I seem to be having a bit of a slow day today.

    So, on behalf of both of us – Happy Birthday “handsome ma’am.”


  11. Hey, stickybud, (MH’s Poet Laureate) how about a poem?


  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes, folks !


    • Happy Birthday, Duncan!

      Sorry I’m late, and sorry to disappoint you guys, but I haven’t been able to log on as I decided to let my Norton expire, and underestimated the time it would take for the Kaspersky to arrive. Bollocks! Remind me next year.


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