Cornish Kerfuffle

by duncanr

Oh dear, some Cornish folk are not very happy at the moment

What’s she on about?

Well, by a curious coincidence, the Archway at Land’s End had a new coat of paint just in time for the world’s media to descend on Land’s End to witness the 2012 Olympic torch begin it’s journey through Cornwall

And that’s when the trouble began . . .

2 Comments to “Cornish Kerfuffle”

  1. Leaving aside the fact that I’m a Cornishman, and leaving aside that I am a Celt and also leaving aside that things like this really boil my piss, what I want to know is what the FUCK is happening in the UK?

    I thought diversity was something to be celebrated – seems I’ve got that wrong!

    Look out the Welsh and the Scots and hide your flags away lest they are confiscated by the Politically Correct Establishment, because you’re next.

    What a grey, lifeless, soul-destroying, obediant little world they have envisaged for us.

    (This was originally a very long post, but after deleting all the expletives, this is all that’s left – I feel as though my head is going to explode!)


  2. No wonder you fucked off and lived somewhere else.

    Diversity is all well and good, just so long as it doesn’t stop that tory twat Coe and his band of hangers-on from promoting their sports day.


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