Facebook Fool

by duncanr

1. Lets pretend that your granny doesn’t trust banks and keeps all her life savings under the mattress

2. Lets pretend she asks you one day to help her count the cash

3. Lets pretend you take a photograph of all this cash piled up on the kitchen table

4. Lets pretend you then ‘post’ a copy of that photograph in shop windows and lamp-posts in the neighbourhood

At this point, you’re probably saying ‘Whoah, there – only an imbecile would do that. You’re practically inviting the criminal fraternity to come pay your granny a visit and relieve her of all that cash’.

And you would be right. No-one in their right mind would be so stupid as to do as I’ve described in the hypothetical situation above – but then they go on Facebook and . . .


3 Comments to “Facebook Fool”

  1. This reminds me of my darling 17 year old niece, about two years ago – who decided to take a couple of errrm ‘photos’ of herself and send them to the boyfriend of the time – well, the relationship didn’t last long, and you can guess what happened next!!! Facebook can be pretty darn dangerous in the hands of youngsters!


    • It’s called ‘sexting’, and causes a lot of problems amongst young people. Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back.


  2. Same said for people posting when they are going on vacation….


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