Too Much Testosterone, Not Enough Estrogen

by UniSciKill
Yes, you read the title right. No typas here. I love the madhatters and the mad men who drive it, but there aren’t enough women posting or commenting. Between the kindhearted, gorgeous superwoman, Julie and the damn brilliant, badass mad scientist, Uniscikill (Eunice), there is not enough estrogen. Sure, you might be fleetingly entertained by the horny old timer and graphic illustrator, ratty, or the doped up on weed and dauntless resident poet, Stickybud, or the kilt wearing drunk with passionate opinions, Duncan, or the forever-a-cynic and sarcastic grammar police, Nobblysan, and maybe even the bantering, mongoose-petting yet surprisingly perceptive, allesklar.
Now, don’t misunderstand me I think they’re hilarious little bundles of joy and all, but they’re no women! They can’t fill the gaping, cyber black hole in this blog, in this very post for women. So, please women… more of you… come join the madhatters and feminize it with your superior intellect and seductive charm. Sway your delicate finger tips over the keyboard and type away with your wonderful wit. Harness your inner female spiritual powers and purify this Y chromosome ridden web page.
This message was brought to you by: MenAreAnnoyingSuperWhinyCryBabies Inc.
For donations, call 1-800-MEN-SUCK or email us at
Thank you.
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28 Comments to “Too Much Testosterone, Not Enough Estrogen”

  1. The trouble is, women don’t have the ability to extract wit and humour from any situation, probably due to the oestrogen. Their mind is set on more serious matters such as having babies and making a nice home. Good women comedians are few and far between, notable exceptions being John Rivers, Rudy Wax and Victor Wood.


  2. . . . and spelling “typo” wrongly. Oh, and you forgot Dan French.


  3. What the hell is Estrogen?

    Surely you mean Oestrogen.

    Anyway, what’s all this typa stuff about. A quick google search reveals articles about the Taipei Youth Program (sic) Association, and Type A influenza, but sod all about some hitherto unheard of american spelling of typo.

    You wouldn’t by any chance be Yanking our chain would you?


    • Me “yanking our chains”? Heavens no! What kind of evil fiend would lie about spelling words?

      On a serious note: In nearly every biology book I’ve read so far, it’s always written as Estrogen. I’m assuming Oestrogen is the British version of the spelling.


    • By the way, Nobbly, before I forget… there’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for days. You make a very pretty girl!


  4. Reckon I’d have to be a lesbian to fancy it. Not that I’m saying…


  5. ‘Women are awesome’ anagrams:

    A new me, as more owe
    Woe! A mean me swore
    Owe a worse me. Amen
    Owe sea-worm enema


  6. Almost forgot:

    Owe arse a new memo


  7. Gosh, could this be MH’S first matchmaking – Icicle and Sticky?

    Probably not.

    Icicle is looking for a pretty Brit with sensitivity.

    Sticky’s looking for a quick shag.


    • I doubt anyone on MH is going to find a match in each other. It’s kind of disgusting too because to me we’re all one big interweb blogging family. Besides, what are the chances a young, beautiful blonde woman will comment and want you or Bud? You’re both better off wishing to win a lottery.


  8. Well, the women are there, just more of the “listening” than “typing” sort


  9. I remember in college there was a women’s rights group that were man haters so they started spelling “woman” “womyn” One of them wasn’t happy when I pointed out that they should also spell it mynstration.


  10. now, unlike nobbly, I’m not one to be ‘picky’, unisckill, but . . .

    ‘kilt wearing drunk’ ?

    Shouldn’t that be ‘handsome kilt wearing drunk’ ?



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