Catch a Falling Maid

by duncanr

Cleaning windows is a dangerous undertaking in Singapore. Nine Indonesian maids – so far this year – have fallen to their deaths from high rise flats while washing windows or hanging laundry. In response, the Manpower Ministry has decreed maids are no longer to clean the outside of windows without supervision.

In the latest incident, a 29 yr old maid fell from a 12 storey flat. She was saved from death when . . . she managed to break her fall by grabbing hold of the laundry rack of the flat immediately below. Her screams alerted the occupants of the flat who, with the help of neighbours, were able to grab an arm and a leg and hang on to her for 40 mins until rescue workers were able to pull her to safety

Full story here –

[Hhmmm, perhaps new building regulations stipulating windows in high rise flats should be designed to swing inwards to enable the outside to be cleaned safely might go some way to preventing this ethnic cleansing of Indonesian Maids ?]

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