Freshly F*****: A Rant About Bloggers

by UniSciKill

I don’t really care about the Freshly Pissed section of WordPress, except for the occasional wish not to see the damn page every time I log in. I know, I know – that’s the whole shitty point of the set-up.  Usually, I ignore the posts featured there and skip straight to my favorite blog, the madhatters, and comment or post based on my mood. Sometimes, out of curiosity I will make the gargantuan mistake of clicking on a Pucked Fress article because the title sounded vaguely interesting to me.  I should have known better. Those self-proclaimed gurus, wannabe psychologist bloggers post their “What [insert random daily activity] says about you” bullshit and think they’re smart for doing so. The predominant thought running through my mind when I subject myself to reading a post like that is… this person has no life.

Sitting around and observing your fellow coworkers like an aspiring office-going version of Jane Goodall. Passing judgement about their personality based on isolated events, like what you overheard them saying, saw them eating, or how they’ve been shitting. I mean come on! “What your office lunch says about you?”… “What your bathroom manners says about you?”… What the hell?!?! Analyzing what bringing a fast food lunch or how far away someone takes a piss from a pot means about them, and subsequently labeling them as if you’re about to throw them into a recycling bin. Don’t these bloggers realize that not only are they wasting their time by doing this useless crap, but they’re proving they’re just as unproductive and addlebrained as the coworkers they mock? Don’t comment to ‘tell me’ – “then why did you read it?”. See, the thing is they don’t title their posts like that. They try to make it sound like a worthwhile read and unfortunately, for people like me they succeed.

Now, about making judgments… we’re all prone to do that even if we don’t want to, and the gravity and consequences of the behavior (at least in my books) determines how sound the judgment is, based on that behavior. For example, a pedophile whose raped a number girls is a f***** up, downright asshole. No arguments there, but making the same call about someone who doesn’t wash their hands after taking a dump is a bit harsh. Yeah, it’s disgusting and as long as they don’t touch your office or your food, who gives a damn? I sure don’t. So, unless someone did something to you or someone else, leave them the f*** alone! I try to do what I need to and focus on myself. Keyword here is try. I’m definitely no lean-mean-focused machine, but I recognize my responsibilities and fulfill each as best as I possibly can.

Since, you’ve read my post this far (or maybe you skipped here) I will leave you with some words of wisdom: If you waste your time checking lunches or how people use the restroom and what not, you my dear have a lot of damn time on your hands. Please, do the productive part of society a favor and actually… I dunno… work. If that’s too much to ask, how about reading and commenting on a post that comes across as less judgmental and more sensible unlike yours? Just ‘saying’.

17 Comments to “Freshly F*****: A Rant About Bloggers”

  1. I bypass the Freshly Pressed feature of WordPress by making madhatters my homepage !

    In the dim and distant past, I used to glance at it occasionally but was never overly impressed by what I read. There was the occasional gem (yes, I’m talking about you, Lynn 😆 ) but by and large I couldn’t fathom why WordPress had deemed that particular blog post to be worthy of my attention. This is purely subjective, of course, but there are some really good, entertaining blogs on WordPress that are more deserving to be featured on Freshly Pressed than many that are


    • I agree, I’ve seen Lynn’s blog and I think it’s great. Haven’t read the post you’re ‘talking’ about, but I’ll get around to it.


  2. I was going to read all that, but gave up as it’s time to spy on my boss as he makes a cup of tea in the most annoying manner possible.


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