Forced Marriage Parents to be Jailed

by duncanr

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced plans to make ‘forced marriages’ a criminal offence in England and Wales

See –

Of course, forced marriages are not a new phenomenon . . .

but in the current context, the new law is principally aimed at eliminating the practice of ‘forced’ marriages in Asian communities living in England & Wales.

This is a laudable aim – though I’m not sure how . . . effective the new legislation will be in practice. Not all victims of a forced marriage are going to come forward and report their parents if by doing so their parents are going to be imprisoned. Nor am I sure how the proposed legislation is going to help young girls taken from the UK to the likes of Pakistan ‘on holiday or to attend a ‘family celebration’ only to have their passports seized by relatives on arrival and forced to marry a man, often many years their senior, that they have never met?

It is important to draw a distinction between an ‘arranged’ marriage and a ‘forced’ marriage – since the two are often confused.

In an ‘arranged’ marriage, parents seek to find suitable partners for their sons and daughters, someone they think their child will like, but there is no physical coercion to make the couple marry. The prime concern is to find someone that their son or daughter will be happy with. If the couple do not hit it off when they meet they can go their separate ways and move on to the next candidate on the list their parents have drawn up.

In a ‘forced’ marriage, on the other hand, a daughter is treated as a commodity to be traded for socio-economical-political advantage benefiting the parents. Refusal is not an option. Kidnapping, false imprisonment, and beatings are very often brought to bear on an unwilling bride to ensure compliance. Psychological pressure too is often applied – appeals not to stain the family’s honour by refusing to go through with the match

While the majority of ‘Forced’ marriages involve reluctant brides, men too are often forced into marriages not of their choice.

If the new legislation reduces, then, the number of men and women in England & Wales pressurised – for socio-economical-political reasons – into marrying someone they don’t love it will be a good thing

Sadly, though, there was no such legislation in place to help this poor victim of a ‘forced’ marriage .


22 Comments to “Forced Marriage Parents to be Jailed”

  1. Charles didn’t have to marry the slapper. He could have bottled it on the day.


  2. then there’s . . .


  3. Just following up some East is East clips…


  4. These videos, even though they’re excerpts of a comedy film or TV show, aren’t even remotely funny to me. Huge exaggerations that I hope no one in their right mind takes seriously. Just because you (not anyone in particular) don’t understand a culture or the reason things are done the way they are, doesn’t make the people of that culture uncivilized, illiterate buffoons.

    I can’t even remember all the times I’ve heard discriminatory and ignorant remarks about a person’s culture, religion, race, and etc. For what? Sometimes, I want to ask those people making fun of another’s culture, what culture they believe is “normal” and superior. It can’t be Western/American/European cultures. It can’t be any culture because each one has its good and bad qualities, history, and whatnot. Comparing them to each other is useless.

    I’m no miss perfect and advocate for world peace. I’ve thought or said shit about other cultures too when I was younger, but I realized I was wrong. No race, country, culture – whatever, is superior over any other. Realizing that you’re not as awesome as you thought you were in terms of the above isn’t self-depreciation, it’s humility. Certain people need truck loads of it like a German relative of mine.


    • You’ve got it arse about tip, Eunice 😆

      My vid is from a BBC comedy show ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ in which the humour is derived from Asian actors taking the piss out of white UK culture/traditions/ and practices (not the other way round). In this case they were making fun of the Royal Family but check out the Youtube sketch ‘going for an english’ in which they parody the habit of white folks in UK to go out on a Friday night, get drunk on lager, then go to an indian restaurant, be rude to the waiters, and order the hottest/spiciest curry on the menu

      And far from not understanding the culture, Nobbly’s clips are taken from the award winning drama and film ‘East is East’ written by british born Pakistani actor and playwright, Ayub Khan-Din (see

      The play/film uses comedy to explore the conflict between traditional Pakistani values and customs held by a generation born in Pakistan but removed to the UK and those of their children born in this country, and was very popular with the desi community here


      • I know, I read about “East is East” and who wrote the damn thing before I posted my comment. You wanna know why I’ve got my knickers in a twist over this? Because I’m tired of being judged by what people think I’m supposed to talk or act like based on crap like this. I’m tired of people branding me something because of a group of crazy assholes and the shit they’ve done. Oh, and the accent of the older man in the video you posted drives me nuts.

        Another thing… Pakistan isn’t the only one forcing marriages. India is just as bad. I have relatives from both.


        • I used Pakistan as an example in my post because in the UK, forced marriages are more of an issue within the Pakistani community than the Indian. According to my desi radio station this morning, the British Consulate assist in the ‘rescue’ of an average of 7 girls a month who have been lured from the UK to face a forced marriage in Pakistan


      • P.S. you’re right about not judging other people unfairly based on a limited understanding of their culture and traditions


        • I bet my comments did seem hastily off track and I’ll admit there is nothing wrong with cultural humor, but let’s just say it’s a touchy topic for me. It brings bad memories and off putting comments to mind. I don’t belong to one culture and as such, I try to learn about each one. Both east and west. I try to incorporate (the good) aspects of both because I don’t want to give up one culture for another. There’s plenty of internal conflicts a person has to deal with while juggling two cultures and it becomes harder when you’ve got people from **both** sides judging you for it.

          Yes, your comment above about “not judging other people… based on limited understanding” is what I meant to ‘say’ all along.


  5. As for forced marriages, I completely agree with you Duncan.


    • Hhmmm, so we’re agreed on forced marriages are bad, arranged marriages are OK ?

      Don’t suppose you’ve got any pretty aunts going spare ?

      [a friend wants to know] 😆


  6. @Eunice: I think of it this way –
    There is ‘racist’ humour (for want of a better word), which asserts superiority of some peoples over others, as you describe. Not acceptable, but usually, picking a fight with such people only gives them what they want, so why bother.
    And there is ‘racialist’ humour, such as all of the above clips, which basically declares all people have equal status, and can ‘take the piss’ out of each other as only friends can.


    • You’re right allesklar. That’s true. I reacted the way I did because I’ve had more of the “racist” humoUr vs the “racialist” humoUr. So, I immediately lump all cultural humoUr into the latter category. I know, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions and act prematurely, but sometimes I can’t help it. I used to enjoy this kind of humoUr (racialist) actually, but after certain events… I don’t anymore. Sometimes it’s not because it’s racist – it’s because of assumptions they’re making. Like all desi looking people are terrorists. Asking whether you’re related to a terrorist or not. It gets annoying to say the least.


  7. If I get into a heated discussion on any site, I desperately try avoid mentioning the fact that I am a white South African – you can immediately guess what the next line of fire is!!


  8. Well I suppose I’m half Welsh/half South African – but I was born here, so that makes me a South African with a funny accent – now that would be racially insensitive if you agreed to me having a funny accent.


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