Something for the Weekend – No 10

by duncanr

Don’t forget, if you want to listen again to previous weekend songs, go to the ‘category filter’ on the side bar and select ‘something for weekend’ from the drop down list

And be sure to post your own favourite song(s) in the comment section to this post


15 Comments to “Something for the Weekend – No 10”

  1. even when she performed this song live in her 50s, her voice is just as beautiful as when she first sang this song in her 20s


  2. I love Meesha – think she’s really ‘hot’ 😳


  3. I was first introduced to Billy Bragg’s music in the early 80s by a mate.


    • The good old days, when it was a matter of ‘us and them’. It’s a bit less straightforward now that we have three Tory parties. Then there’s this lot:


  4. Good to see that he’s still on the backs of the slimy bastards these days……


  5. This lot know whose side they’re on:


  6. My new favorite song…


    • bloody hell, sticky

      I very nearly posted the Notting Hillbillies version of this song !


      • Ha! Ha! Another SFTW coincidence – Nobbly had a similar surprise a few weeks ago when I posted something (Dr Feelgood, I think) he had been considering.

        It’s spookier than that, because after listening to your track, I was going to post ‘Will You Miss Me When I’m gone?’ by the Walkabouts, in keeping with the theme.

        However, despite it starting off beautifully, it went on a bit (I haven’t listened to it for a few years), so I decided to put this lovely song on. (By the way, I didn’t know that the NHs had covered it!).

        Because the intro reminds me so much of the Stones’ ‘I Got The Blues’, I was going to post that next, but because I couldn’t find a decent-sounding recording of it, I posted Wild Horses instead!


  7. I love “Baker Street”–I bought the Gerry Rafferty album just for that one song, many years ago. It’s totally unique–I’ve never heard anything else like it.


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