Couple Befriend Urban Fox

by duncanr

I like foxes but . . .

while I agree they’re beautiful creatures and look cute when they’re just dossing about in the sun, I’m not sure this couple are very wise encouraging one to hang around their garden and enter their house for a food reward.

Two reasons-

1. the animals’s neophobia (wariness of anything new in it’s environment) is an important survival tool for an animal that is subject to predation by Man. By encouraging this fox to lose it’s wariness of people, they are actually endangering it in the long term

2. it is extremely foolish to encourage the fox to enter a house in expectation of finding food. By doing so, they risk the fox will seek to enter someone else’s house in search of food. Their actions are thus potentially puting other people at risk of attack


5 Comments to “Couple Befriend Urban Fox”

  1. Does that there “neophobia” extend to underwear?

    Cos I think I’m a sufferer, Fur Fox Sake.


  2. while i understand people’s tendencies to be nice to animals…..the nature channel didnt have a special about foxes called killing for a living for no reason…zman sends


  3. And what if it were fox fur Calvin Kleins?


  4. Yes i agree that people shouldn’t be encouraging urban foxes into their houses. Fair enough to put some food at the bottom of the garden and walk away, but as you say, de-sensitising this fox to humans will not be particularly beneficial for it’s long term survival.


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