An arrogant selfish killer

by NobblySan


But doesn’t he have a look of this other one……?

for those who don’t know – read here


3 Comments to “An arrogant selfish killer”

  1. There’s more than Pc Harwood must share the blame for the death of Ian Tomlinson

    “He wore a balaclava mask up to his nose and a helmet.”

    Since when has a balaclava mask been part of standard uniform for police in the UK ?

    The sole purpose of a balaclava is to mask the individual’s identity, and why would one want to do that unless one is proposing to do something ‘iffy’ that you don’t want traced back to you ?

    That Pc Harwood took a balaclava along with him on that night suggests a certain amount of preparation, i.e., he fully intended to get ‘stuck in’ to the demonstrators

    So one has to ask the question – why did senior officers present at the time allow him to wear a balaclava to hide his face?

    Harwood may well have felt more embolden to act aggressively because of the anonymity he felt the balaclava gave him than might have been the case if his features had been clearly visible to demonstrators, media, and cameras.

    Those officers who allowed him to wear a balaclava then must share part of the blame for Ian Tomlinson’s death !


  2. …..along with Patel the dodgy, disgraced pathologist, and Starmer who resisted all attempts to get Harwood into the dock.


  3. And watch him get off with it.


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