Bond Movie Quiz

by duncanr

How well do you know your Bond movies?

The newest James Bond film – called ‘Skyfall’ – due out later this year will be the 25th in the series

Click the link below to see how many of the previous 24 Bond movies you can name

You have 5 minutes to complete the quiz

Oh, and be sure to post your score in the comment section here (if you dare!)

via Presurfer


6 Comments to “Bond Movie Quiz”

  1. 18 … … … … … … … … ( … erm … missed)


  2. Pah! useless….. 14 with 10 left. I was kicking myself when the list appeared.


    • you both did better than me – i only got 12

      mind you, I lost a bit of time at the beginning – clicking on these bloody question marks and wondering why nothing was happening (I thought clicking on the question marks would reveal a scene or a character from one of the movies and we then had to enter our answer in the box – silly me!}


  3. I don’t like the current “Bond” at all–he’s just too antiheroic. And he has no sense of humor.


  4. Seven – but I’m a very slow typer. Also, like Duncan, I lost time clicking the question marks.

    (Anyway, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it.)


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