Manky Meals

by duncanr

This blog was launched in Sep 2008

Since then we have published over 7,700 posts and, with 930,800+ ‘hits’ to date, we are on track to see our millionth visitor later this year.

Given all the excellent blogs out there, I was modestly pleased that we had managed to keep going for so long and had attracted a respectable number of visits.

Turns out I have been deluding myself. Madhatters performance has in fact been shite !

We have been put in our place by . . . a wee scottish schoolgirl. Her blog is less than 2 months old and already she has had more than 6 million visits [] Not only that, she has been offered book deals, and been approached by Hollywood about making a movie []

Seems what the world really wants is not to read the erudite wisdom and incisive political analyses of current events interwoven with witty repartee offered by we Madhatters – they’d rather look at pictures of manky meals.

Well we can do manky meals with the best of them. To prove it – here’s a pic of my dinner (curried chick peas) tonight (click on pic to enlarge)

Here’s a suggestion, folks

Why don’t you take a photo of your dinner and email it to us at

the pic to reach us Friday latest and on Saturday we’ll post them all here with a poll for readers to choose which dinner they’d rather eat. [I know I’ve set such a high standard to beat that folk might be put off entering but don’t be shy. You don’t have to cook the meal yourself. Guys, send in a pic of one of the meals your wife or partner makes you. And girls, you can always ask your mum to cook a dinner if you don’t feel you can better my ‘dilli style choley’ 😆 ]

As is usual with any competition run in Madhatters, the winner gets bugger all in the way of a prize – except for the satisfaction of knowing that he or she finished on top


21 Comments to “Manky Meals”

  1. Such is the rampant apathy within the MadHatters readership for school-dinners related topics, that my recent post about NeverSeconds got a healthy zero comments.

    I would post a picture of my tea, but I’ve just eaten it. I tell you what…. I’ll take my camera to work with me in the morning, and get a photo of it then, when it makes its reappearance……. OK?


  2. Where’s ratty when you need him..?


  3. Not even any chocolates for a prize?


  4. That’s not her blog, it’s her parents’ blog–there’s no way in hell a two-year old could write that well. It’s just a fad thing–a gimmick. Who wouldn’t be interested in a blog allegedly written by a two-year old? Most people are shallow–and such a blog as that is a magnet for shallow people. We know your blog is the best!


    • She’s a bit older than 2, Scott. She’s still at primary school, but I reckon she’s about 10 or 11.

      However, when I first read bits of the blog, I thought that even the smartest primary school kids don’t use language like that. The grammar and punctuation are excellent, and while the basic content may be hers, I doubt that the presentation is.


    • Okay I stand corrected, she’s not two years old (misread something there). But she’s still a charming child, with a shallow, unimaginative blog–it’s still a gimmick. Give her at least ten more years, and we’ll see.


  5. Well…. that’s attracted as many photos as my heartfelt plea to the timewasters on Google+ attracted new commenters.

    What’s wrong with people these days?

    Determined to get in the spirit of the thing, I whip up a few tasty morsels in the kitchen (well, actually I whip the cook until she whips up a few tasty morsels) and then get a few serfs to plonk them on the table in one of simple dining rooms in the East Wing. I then ring Snowdon to come round and take a few of his usual shaky, badly focussed snaps (without the bloody lens cover this time…you berk!), and ask those nice chaps at Imgur to present them for your consideration.

    What happens?

    Nobody else can be arsed …that’s what happens.


  6. Nice photo. But, where’s the chips?


  7. It’s an expression that originated in the twelth century (circa, like). People who had gotten out of the wronge side of ye bed would make to their nearest sliced potato vendor (chippy) and purchase one potato slice (chip) which they would affix to their shoulder with super glue or blue tack or snot or what have you, as a sign that other people should not fuck with them that day.

    Hence the term : He’s got a chip on his shoulder.

    Hope that helps.


    • A most enlightening explanation, my good man.

      One that I am sure could have been written by William Shakespeare himself; if only some bastard hadn’t nicked his biro beforehand.


      • They didn’t use biros in those days. They used Quills, which were pigeon feathers. If, for example, you were penning something and you’re quill broke, why – all you’d have to do is rush out into the garden, catch a passing pigeon and pull one of its feathers out and, Bob’s your uncle.


  8. Intriguing! How does pulling a passing pigeon feather make Bob shag your aunt?


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