Turks Prosecute Lemon Kurd

by duncanr

Thinking of holidaying in Turkey?

If so, you might want to stay clear of lemons . . .

A deaf, mute Kurdish man caught in possession of a half lemon is facing 25 years in jail on terrorism charges!

See http://tinyurl.com/bu9shey

You have been warned !


3 Comments to “Turks Prosecute Lemon Kurd”

  1. Clearly an example of paranoia of terrorism becoming terroristic itself.


  2. Possession of a lemon at a demonstration = 25 years in a Turkish nick as decided by a biased judiciary

    Possession of a beard when the USA invaded Afghanistan = an indefinate stay in Guantanamo as decided by no judicial process at all.


  3. Reblogged this on Shared Blogs and commented:
    Is this piece of news real or is it a… lemon?
    Incredible! What about water? Water can dilute many substances and render them less “effective” in whatever they do. Should we ban water in Turkey?
    They said they wanted to join the EU and gain support from moderate Kurds.
    Don’t hold your breath… (just in case that becomes illegal, too).


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