Mubarak : Dead or Alive ?

by duncanr

When I got up this morning Mubarak was dead

I took the dogs out, came back and he was alive

By the time I finished breakfast he was dead again

Later he was only slightly dead – he was ‘clinically’ dead, but not your ‘lets bury him’ type of dead

Then he was alive again, but in a coma

To avoid all this confusion, can we just agree the bugger has died but the authorities are awaiting the best time to confirm that fact?


4 Comments to “Mubarak : Dead or Alive ?”

  1. It seems that an Egyptian Life sentence is on a par with that in the UK.

    Just a few months.

    I’ll get me coat.


  2. They should have sentenced him to be hung by the neck until he cheered up a bit.


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