Microsoft Surface Fail

by duncanr

The software giant, Microsoft, is launching a tablet device it hopes will rival Apple’s iPad

While the design of the ‘Surface’ is pretty clever, Microsoft clearly need to do a bit more work on the Windows software running on it before consumers feel inclined to buy it !

[full marks to the presenter for remaining relatively composed while trying to mask the fact the tablet he was demonstrating had locked up – and for having the foresight in having a 2nd device with him in case the first failed]


8 Comments to “Microsoft Surface Fail”

  1. Microsoft have a lot of ground to cover before they have a serious rival to the IPad. The one I’m using now i


  2. As I was saying, the IPad is a superb piece of techn


  3. shrdluthmbz


  4. Microsoft…. oh dear.

    Just stick to making flaky non-integrated software, chaps. Leave the flaky, non-functioning hardware to others.


  5. If we buy one, do we get a second one for backup too?


  6. What’s that wet spot on his pants?


  7. Now this…..

    Is how to be properly prepared for a Microsoft presentation.


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