Cameron and Carr : Comedians Both

by duncanr

Jimmy Carr describes himself as a ‘comedian’.

Other folk agree – and he is paid a lot of money in consequence

Personally, I think he is vastly over-rated – he’s never made me laugh – but that’s beside the point

He is in the news Рin the UK, at least Рbecause it has been reported he has found a way (within the law) to pay tax on only 1% of his £millions earnings per year Рb*stard !

Nothing new about . . .those with money seeking to avoid paying tax. What has made this incident ‘newsworthy’ is the brazen hypocrisy of the man – making fun of people using tax avoidance schemes while doing the very same thing himself

Carr’s hypocricy was matched by David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, who was quick to join in the public condemnation of Carr, questioning the morality of using such a scheme to avoid paying tax on his income, while refusing to comment on his mate, and Conservative Party supporter, Gary Barlow, for doing likewise –

Defenders of the likes of Carr often argue that forcing wealthy people to pay more tax will drive them out of the country. In the case of so-called comedian Carr, one can only hope !


4 Comments to “Cameron and Carr : Comedians Both”

  1. Somehow reminds me of the celebrity “champions of the poor” in the U.S. who each get paid enough to truly champion the poor, yet refuse to do it (Oprah Winfrey is just one of these).


  2. Jimmy Carr, Gary Barlow – whoever.

    If any of us could get away with paying tax on just 1% of our earnings, we’d do it too.


    • My beef isn’t with either Carr or Barlow, but with Cameron for slagging off one, but not the other. If he turned his attention to what mattered in his role as PM and stopped chasing media soundbites, he may, just may, come close to being less than inept.


      • I’m with nobbly on this one, ratty

        it’s the hypocrisy of Carr and Cameron that bugs me – the one for slagging off folk who use tax avoidance schemes whilst quietly doing so himself, the other for questioning Carr’s morals for using such tax avoidance schemes while not being prepared to criticise the morals of his mates who do likewise

        The schemes used by the likes of Carr and Cameron’s mates are currently legal. What pisses me off about folk with money who use schemes like these to minimise the amount of tax they pay on their income is that the likes of me are subsidising the buggers.

        We have a system of free education, health service in the UK, paid for out of the money raised in taxation. When wealthy folk use schemes to ensure they pay less proportion of their income in taxes than do I and others like me, then whenever they avail themselves of any of the services paid for out of taxes they are essentially being subsidised by the rest of us. If ever this country was invaded, these wealthy tax dodgers would expect the armed forces to defend them as much as the rest of us, despite them having paid a smaller proportion of their income in taxes to fund the armed forces than have the poor !

        Freeloading b*stards – Ggrrrrr !!!!


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