Manky Meal No 2 – Qld Bleu Kin de Pump

by duncanr

Thanks to allesklar for this submission to the Madhatters Manky Meals Competition (see details of competition here –

[Click on Pic to enlarge]

Still time to submit a pic of your own meal, folks. Tomorrow morning is the deadline for submission of pics. We will then ask you to vote on the best (or worst) manky meal


11 Comments to “Manky Meal No 2 – Qld Bleu Kin de Pump”

  1. THAT – is going to be hard to beat !


  2. Queensland Blue Pumpkin fried in minimal olive oil, with hot chilli, basil, and raw sugar. Sprinkle the condiments on top, then turn slices over when almost done to caramelize the sugar. (Do you have Queensland Blue or similar in UK? US? It is a tough-skinned pumpkin which can remain firm if not overcooked)


    • Ah–that doesn’t sound too bad!


      • I can honestly say that I’ve never eaten pumpkin…… fried or otherwise.


        • I’ve eaten it once – or to be more accurate, i had a small piece of it in my mouth once, and that was more than enough !

          My 1st year in Canada, my boss (an american) invited me and the 1st Mrs D to share Thanksgiving with him and his family. I can honestly say, it was one of the worst meals I’ve ever tasted. The vegetarian dish he had prepared for me as an alternative to the turkey was bland and tasteless. I hated the taste of sweet potato (I’ve never eaten any since) and I didn’t like the pumpkin pie either. To make matters worse he was so drunk he could barely stand and insisted on serving up huge glasses of bloody mary (I hate tomato juice), ignoring my requests for a beer instead. All in all, it was a bloody awful evening – one I made sure was never repeated !


          • You wouldn’t like Moroccan cous-cous, Duncan. Pumpkin is a major vegetable in the dish.

            Pumpkins are much under-rated, without them there would be no Halloween. Come to think of it, how would Cinderella have got to the Ball?


          • What did you expect from the people who invented the Damnburger and blamed it on a Scot.


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