No, no, no, no……

by NobblySan


This is so wrong.


4 Comments to “No, no, no, no……”

  1. Hey, Nobbly – Is this your entry for the Manky Meals contest?


    • It looks too good to be manky. It’s just that it’s about 10 meals’ worth rather than 1.

      Years ago, I used to deal witha diecasting company in Slough. It was always a priority to stop off at The Yew Tree Inn in Farnham Common on the way down there, for either breakfast or lunch. They did a mega-breakfast that was way too much to eat, but was about 1/4 of the size of the monstrosity in this video.


  2. “No” is the first word every baby girl in the English-speaking world learns!

    And speaking of babies–why don’t they just serve up nine-pound children (echoes of Jonathon Swift’s, “A Modest Proposal”)?


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