Norwegian Synchronised Sex

by duncanr

sex is good, sex improves your health” – that’s the motto of Norwegian non-profit sex education organization RFSU

According to a recent study, Norwegians are the most sexually active Scandinavians, but the least likely to practice ‘safe sex’

[when I was a lad, ‘safe sex’ meant . . .giving the girl a false name and address]

To highlight this issue and promote the greater use of condoms, the RFSU called on all Norwegian men to don a condom at 8pm Thursday and make love with a partner for an hour

An hour ???

Jeez, I’d be asleep by 8.12pm 8.20pm 8.40pm 😳

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No reports as yet on how many men rose to the challenge and gave it their best shot !

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2 Comments to “Norwegian Synchronised Sex”

  1. I can remember when it used to take an hour to achieve the mutual goal for me and mine.

    Thank God we figured out what we were doing along the way. We’re getting older. We don’t have time to waste.

    Great post.



  2. Great idea if you HAVE a partner! If I find out Sweden provides the women with whom to have sex, I’m moving there!


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