Madhatter’s Manky Meal Cook Off

by duncanr

For those of you not blessed to be born a Scot, ‘manky’ means ‘naff’, or ‘rubbish’ – or in the context of this competition – unappetising, unappealing

Despite ample notice being given, there were only 3 entries to to MH Manky Meals Contest. One of these (shame on you nobbly!) was immediately ruled ineligible by the judges – on account of the the use of outside caterers to make the meal – leaving duncanr and allesklar to battle it out for the title of Madhater’s Mankiest Meal Maker 2012

[click on pics to enlarge]


7 Comments to “Madhatter’s Manky Meal Cook Off”

  1. I see there’s been a surge in votes for the chorly overnight and the two meals are now neck and neck in the poll

    If you haven’t already done so, there’s still time to cast your vote – poll will close midnight tonight, and winner be announced tomorrow morning


  2. Hmmm. “surge in votes”. Duncan, I can only assume some of our fellow gastronomes have tried your recipe at home.


  3. I reckon the vote surge is down to Yanks now expressing their views that if Alleklar’s offering is made of pumpkin it must be better than something eaten by people who wear turbans.


  4. I have my doubts about the validity of the voting here. I’ve noticed, on several occasions when casting my vote, that . . .

    Errm . . . Nothing . . . Nothing at all. As you were.


  5. Hhmm, I’m not sure I adequately explained the meaning of the word ‘manky’ ?

    In a surprise result (surprise to me anyway**), the chorly has beat the bleu kin de pump by 19 votes to 12

    Thanks to all those who voted

    ** you had my vote allesklar !


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