Dead Give Away : Plane Passenger Compensated

by duncanr

A Swedish woman on a flight from Amsterdam to Dar es Salaam has been refunded half her fare because the man in the aisle seat next to her died shortly after take off and she was forced to complete the remainder of the journey with a corpse sat next to her

[Jeez, some folk don’t know how lucky they are – I would have paid the bloody airline extra to be sure I wasn’t stuck beside a talkative passenger on a long flight !!!]


4 Comments to “Dead Give Away : Plane Passenger Compensated”

  1. Was she unlucky to be sitting next to him, or was he unlucky to be sitting next to her?


  2. At least she could knock his elbow off the armrest.


  3. You’d think they’d have a plan for something like this–like removing the corpse, covering it, and storing it in the back of the plane!


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